We Are back

After a short hiatus during the Covid-19 pandemic when we were unable to meet and look after the village as much as wanted, and with the spring now in full swing, we are now back in action - and we have lots of plans!

Some of the activities we're looking to do in the near future:

  • keep looking after all plant beds in the village (big planters at the village entrances, flower beds in front of the shops, the church corner bed, and Erskine View)
  • grow plans, flowers and veg in the community greenhouse
  • develop the area behind the Chatty Cafe and around our container on Erskine Ferry Road
  • work with the council to keep the village looking beautiful
  • monthly litter picks (see upcoming Events)
  • continue to promote the Roman heritage of the village (Antonine wall, Roman fort) - Antonine Arboretum
  • investigate the history and heritage of the village (visit our History and Heritage page)
  • organise events for the village - Christmas panto, Santa parade, fundraisers
  • any many more!

We need volunteers to help us achieve this - if you're interested, please get in touch.