Action Old Kilpatrick

Enhancing the environment and celebrating the heritage of Old Kilpatrick

Following a series of public meetings in early 2015, Action Old Kilpatrick (AOK) was set up by local residents of Old Kilpatrick who love, and want to protect and support the village.

AOK established
Active volunteers
Newsletters produced
Events organised


Growing plants for the village
Maintenance of planting sites
Improving the village appearance
Garden takeovers
Activities for local residents
Flowers for sale
Hanging baskets


Woodland planting
Litter picks in the Kilpatrick Hills
Regular litter picks in the Saltings
Improving play equipment
Improving seating and bins
Improving signage

History and Heritage

Antonine wall projects
Old Kilpatrick oral history
Geocaching trail
March stones
Adopt a station
Links with John Muir Way
Roman and industrial heritage


Local community groups
Old Kilpatrick Community Council
West Dunbartonshire Council
Forestry and Land
Antonine Project
Who is AOK
Action Old Kilpatrick is a fully consituted community group, comprising a number of volunteers whose aim is to enhance the environment and celebrate the heritage of Old Kilpatrick
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